After many nights spanning over a few weeks to even months, you are naturally happy when the development of a video game becomes reality. You must have invested a lot of time, effort, and resources into debugging and programming, brainstorming in some way in order to produce a game concept that stands out from other games ever created. More so, the graphics and overall design have been created in such a way that even skeptical gamers begin to believe in your idea. All is set for the game of the year. But!

In a flash, someone steals your property, your idea, your craft – someone steals all of your hard work. Is this normal? Of course, you disagree. There should be some form of protection. Indeed, without the protection of individual ideas and craft, artists and authors will have no incentive to produce new creative works, because anyone could copy their intellectual property and hard work.

Trademarks are structured to ensure that an original product stays original. They protect the reputation and ingenious of your video game or company as they indicate the source of origin of each video game. Your video game is your innovation, and a video game trademark recognizes it as your symbol. Why should you trademark your video game?

Your Game Title is Exclusive to your Brand

A video game trademark protects your game against theft, preventing anyone from using the title for their video game. A federally registered and recognized trademark will also prevent any other individual or brand from registering your game title as their trademark. A trademark also protects any title that feels confusingly similar.

Protection against Video Game Clones

Although trademarks are originally designed to protect your video game title, it also greatly reduces the chances of your game getting cloned if it is protected with the ® symbol. This is because a trademark is a strong indicator that your game as a whole is not available.

Protection against Using Similar Titles

When an attorney is hired for the protection of your trademark, a comprehensive search is carried out to ensure any potential problems in future are avoided. This extensive search by the attorney is important because it can save you and your brand from an expensive litigation following the release of the video game if another brand has issues with the title of your game. Secondly, it will ensure the title of your video game is protected by saving you the hassle of changing the title after release.

However, it is important to note that you alone are responsible for the enforcement of your trademark. As such, it is important that you monitor your mark and act quickly if you believe an individual or brand is infringing on your rights. You went through a whole lot while developing an awesome video game. In order to retain your trademark rights – and of course, your market value, it is important you protect it.

For information on how to apply for a videogame trademark contact the McArthur Law Firm. They specialize in protecting intellectual property for video games, board games, apps and startups.

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