As we reach the carefree days of summer, it’s time to start planning your next hike in the mountains. Hiking allows the nature lover to reconnect with the great outdoors after long months of hibernation during the cold season. You have a wide area of lush countryside to explore and the chance to burn those extra calories. To make your hiking trips more enjoyable, gear up with the latest backpacking tools to help you survive the wilderness.

Tents – Your home for the night

Selecting tents is guided by many factors such as functionality, weight and more importantly price. stands behind Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2, Rei Quarter Dome 1 and Zpacks Duplex. If you’re on a solo flight, the REI Quarter Dome 1 works best for your needs with its affordable and lightweight features. The more high-end option, Zpacks Duplex is made of high-tech material making it ultra-lightweight and fully waterproof. Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 provides high marks in convenience, weight and functionality.

Backpacks for the Win

When you’re carrying a heavy load on your back, you’ll end up into a pile of sweat after walking for half an hour. Backpacks that give proper ventilation are essential for hiking. Osprey boasts the Manta AG 36 that features an Anti-Gravity suspension system. approves of the pack’s technology that allows you to shift the load onto your hips for better mobility. And thanks to the mesh panel, you can expect very good ventilation while trekking.

Cozy up with sleeping bags

It may be expensive but MontBell’s Ultralight Super Spiral Down Hugger brings you to Cloud Nine while sleeping under the stars. The intricate stitching and coiled fibers enables the happy camper to move and stretch. National Geographic describes it a three-season bag, and yet the comfort factor goes a long way. At half the price is Ultralamina 32 from Mountain Hardwear. This synthetic option is made to provide insulation during wet or damp conditions. Double zipper is handy for letting the bag drop if you want to read or cook.

sleeping bags

Nourishment in the woods

Your health is of great importance while hiking. There are two important gears that would help you sustain energy and provide hydration. Biolite BaseCamp is both a charging station and cooking device. Tree huggers will be pleased to note that it doesn’t use the traditional fossil fuels to fire up the barbecue. Just collect branches and twigs to create heat for cooking and charging your phone at the same time. It’s no wonder that swears by this ingenious creation.

Another indispensable accessory listed on the magazine’s website is Camelbak All Clear. You can fill it with spring water as you pass by mountains and rivers. The bottle purifies water using ultra-violet rays. The high-powered UV bulb inside the lid can do its handy work of processing water for up to 80 bottles or more. In a day’s hike, expect to have three bottles to keep you hydrated while out in the woods.

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