Are you making the most of your website design? There are tonnes of tricks that you could be using to increase the marketing power of your online store. From maximising on SEO potential, to the incorporation of Google Street view, take a look at these top four tricks of the trade that will drive more traffic to your site, and boost conversions.

1) Maximise Your SEO Potential

You need to start considering what information is on each page of your website. Search engines read sites in the order that content appears on the page, so if you start off with a title that is never mentioned again, search engines will assume that your page is irrelevant.

SEO and digital market

You need to write your content in an engaging way, but also include those key words in each paragraph that you know the customer needs to know about you. If you focus on content as your most powerful asset, you’ll see your Google Analytics skyrocket. SEO isn’t just confined to your website though; social media can have a huge impact on where you’re listed in search results. For more on how social media can help with your SEO, click here.

2) Personalised Mailing Lists

When was the last time you received a “Dear Occupier” letter? I’ll bet it was thrown straight in the bin. But when was the last time you opened an email addressed to you, with offers and discounts tailored to your specific shopping habits? Thanks to website tracking data, you’re now able to give the consumer that personalised experience they’ve always wanted; they aren’t just another number to you, but a valued and loyal part of the business.

Mailbox and mail

3) Incorporate Google Street View

You can click here for a fantastic example of a ‘Contact Us’ page with Google street view incorporated. It adds a new dimension to the page, but also allows the customer to see inside the building, as you can add photos to your online Google profile of the business. This doesn’t just give your online marketing an edge, but it helps to give your reputation a boost too, as the customer can see for themselves what your premises are like.

4) Work with Influential Bloggers and Websites

Building a successful business requires many things, and collaboration with other colleagues from the industry is certainly one of them. By getting involved with influential people within your sector, and cross-promoting one another with social media and blog posts, it can be a great way of building natural links, expanding your online marketing avenues, and growing your customer base as a result. LinkedIn is a particularly good resource for groups and communities set up for exactly this purpose.

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