Do you want a fast charging cable that can also transmit data in just a few seconds without the old frustrations of checking the connector’s orientation? We all use smartphones, tablets, power banks, and laptops for daily communication, learning, and other professional purposes. All these devices require a cable to get a power supply for charging. Nobody wants a cable with a slow charging speed and poor power supply with the fuss of right and wrong dimensions while connecting it to the devices. This is why we are always in search of a charging cable that can charge our devices quickly and does not require any attention for the direction while plugging into the device. To fulfill these requirements the USB C charging cable is made. The USB-C charging cable is the true model of its name, i.e., universal serial bus, because it is an all-in-one data cable that you need.

The USB-C charging cable is becoming more and more popular with time so, Android phones are switching to the USB-C ports. These are more powerful and compact USB charging cables and are fit for thin smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. Now it would be hard to find the latest Android smartphones without a USB-C port. Not only the Android smartphones but the other devices such as laptops and tablets are also using the USB type C port to enjoy its benefits.

You can learn more about the features of the USB-C charging cable below.

USB Type-C charging and data cable is the latest addition in the world of technology that can replace all the previous USB cables you have been seeing for a long time. Simply put, the USB-C is just one type of cable and port that can connect every device or any device you want. So, you do not have to keep different cables for different gadgets with you all the time. If you have the USB type C cable, you have them all at the same time. The best Huawei USB-C charging cable comes with the following features to meet your requirements for the best charging cable.

HUAWEI Type C Data Cable Super Charge 5A 1 m White

Color: White

Version: USB-A to USB-C

Key features

HUAWEI Type C Data Cable supercharge cable/5A/1 m

  1. Reversible Connector

The USB-C charging cable is designed symmetrically, so you do not have to see which side is up. Unlike your old USB charging cables, you can connect the USB-C charging cable either way around, it will be right. Just connect the Huawei USB-C charging cable, and it will start working right away.

  1. Super-Fast Charging and Stronger Power Supply

The USB-C charging cable by Huawei is intended for better charging and data transferring experience. The USB-C charging cable offers a stronger supply of power up to 100 watts for any device, including a laptop, as compared to the previous USBs. There is no need to leave the phone on charging for several hours with the USB-C charging cable.

  1. Works for Multiple Devices

The USB-C charging cable works efficiently for all the devices so, you do not have to keep your laptop charger, phone charger, and tablet charger. Just put your USB-C charger and a few cables with you and make your traveling easy.

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