You want to make sure that your website is in good condition at all the time. If your website is hacked, this can be a serious problem which will have a negative impact on your business.

There are several warning signs which will tell you if your website has been compromised. If you can identify these problems then you will able to get help as soon as possible.

Your Password Will Not Work

Your website’s dashboard is password-protected. This ensures the website’s security remains intact at all times. However, if you find that you cannot log in at all, this is a sign that someone else has taken control of the website dashboard and they will be able to change things at will. This problem can be solved by a team which specialises in minimising the damage done by hackers to the website. Visit for hacking help.

Your Homepage Will Redirect To A Completely Different Page

You can often tell whether your website has been hacked by the fact that your home page redirects to something else entirely. This can be confusing for people who have logged onto your website, only to be confronted by something else entirely. Some hackers will redirect the home page to undesirable sites which contain pornography. This problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible so that the home page can be completely restored.

The Content On Your Website Has Been Altered

Another common sign that your website has been taken over by hackers is if the pages have been significantly altered. You might find that text has been deleted or that extra images have been added. This is highly inconvenient and needs to be addressed by a specialist team as soon as possible.

Subscribers To Your Email List Are Getting Spam

When people sign up to your email list through your website in order to get offers, information and weekly newsletters. However, if people are complaining to you that they are receiving a lot of spam emails, this is a warning sign that something is wrong. Hackers will often send out emails with malicious spyware in them that the recipients will unwittingly download.

You Get A Demand For Cash In Your Email Inbox

Most of the time hackers are not looking to take your site down or to discredit your business, though this is something which will happen occasionally. Instead, hackers are often looking for a “ransom” in return for giving you back the control of your website. You will often find a cryptic email in your inbox which outlines their demands. Before you think of replying, contact a specialist anti-hacking company when you receive these emails. They will be able to help you to recover your site without having to pay any ransom demands.

Reclaiming your site from hackers as soon as possible is something that you will need to do. Research several different anti-hacking specialists before choosing one.

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