The Churchill Serpent, is a sea monster that is believed to be located in South Africa. It’s name “Churchill’ came because of an incident that involved a steam-tug and a strange encounter. A steam-tug known as Churchill had something happen to its crew on Aug. 31, 1884. What happened was believed to be from a sea monster. It was seen twice, and once the monster went underneath the crew.

The ship’s captain, Capt. Wellington described the creature like this:

  • It was a huge beast.
  • It had been covered in large seashells.
  • Had a large hairy head.
  • It’s length of it’s tail had to be about 60 ft.
  • It’s body was as long as one side of ship.

This incident was believed to have happened on the east coast of South Africa, on the coast of Durban. That’s according to the Wellington’s log. He took the time to record this strange happening. Was it really a sea monster? Well whatever the crew saw, they believed that it was a sea serpent from another world. Could it have been they were on the water too long? Or maybe they did see something? There is an explanation out there that many could come up with but what is know is, it’s a sensational story that helped create the legend of the Churchill Serpent!

If you’re enjoying these sea monsters tales, then stick with it because many more are coming your way!

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