From free local calls to free STD calls, free roaming incoming and outgoing calls to same network or another in the entire length and the breadth of the country; free data or additional data in the same price; to gift cards, special offers, discounts coupons, 100% cash back offers, unlimited data, messages or voice etc. – all this and so much more – the Indian cellular market is teeming currently with such competitive offers and deals from different operators and is expected to get more aggressive in the coming years. Whether it is rel =dofollow Jio recharge plans or top-up plans from any other operator, all existing telecom operators today keep introducing innovative and attractive schemes and plans vying earnestly to catch the attention of the subscriber base in the country.

Some facts and figures of the Indian Cellular Industry

  • Some of the world’s lowest call tariffs plans are available in India
  • The country has 56 crore internet users which forms about 43% of the total population of the country.
  • In a country that has a population of about 1.3 billion people, there are 1.21 billion mobile phones of which 0.446 billion are smart phones in the country currently.
  • From a mere 37 million subscribers in the country in 2001, the Indian telecom market had a subscriber base of 846 million in 2011.
  • With 1157.04 million subscribers, today India ranks second in the world in terms of mobile phone subscriber base.

With the telecom industry being at the peak of competitiveness, the ones to benefit is the large user base in the country. The growth of the sector has also lead to its immense contribution in helping implement e-governance and digitizing the Indian economy. The expansion of the industry, to a certain extent, has also been responsible for slimming down the wide gap that existed in the digital space between the urban and the rural areas of the country.

A major facilitator is the online recharge facility

With digitization and increased usage of internet-enabled mobile devices, users are able to carry out online recharge and bill payments in an easy and convenient manner. The fact that Jio recharge is not limited by time or place is an additional benefit that Indian consumers are now getting used to. In few simple, easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow steps, the online recharge process can be done. It is so uncomplicated and hassle-free that even people in rural areas who may not be very tech-savvy are able to accomplish in the first go itself.  Another factor that makes things really basic and straightforward is by using Jio App or Apps of leading resellers like Paytm App, MobiKwik App or PhonePe App to carry out Jio recharge. Downloading and operating the App/s does not require any technical know-how and can be easily done by people of all ages and socio-economic background.

As cellular providers offer more and more flexible and consumer-friendly recharge plans, the telecom market in the country is surely going to boom and expand which is a win-win situation for both, end users as well as the telecom operators.

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