The last episode of Life is Strange, episode 5 was unleashed Oct. 20 of this year. Fans of the game, after finishing the game, were left reeling with what could be described as a highly innovative title gilded in heartbreaking themes, and a whole lot of game-changing decision making. Even this shortly after the game’s final episode, there are still rumors in the air trending on Nov. 9, about a sequel.

The game boasts high ratings, and will most likely become an eventual cult classic, which could be a tough act to follow. The news of a sequel has not yet been confirmed by Dontnod Entertainment, the game’s developer, but there already have been some vague talks in place. In June of this year, it was revealed that if there would be a new season, the developers would follow the formula of something like “True Detective or American Horror Story, which refresh each season with new characters,” according to an E3 interview between Polygon and Co-game director and art director Michel Koch.

Life is Strange is not a game made for all gamers. It is absolutely littered with teenageisms that can make the dialogue a bit stiff for the more mature in the audience, and definitely has the feel of an indie coming of age story. Still, the story is well-crafted with plot points that are not totally derivative of teen movies and definitely deserves a second look. Max will drive the logical a little mad at times, but otherwise, players are drawn to the characters, caring about what happens to them making the decision mechanic central in the game that much more exciting.

What is appreciated in this game is the variation in game play. There are differing mechanics to figure out that keep the game fresh. There is logic behind puzzles, which can even be and very often are conversations, leading players to untangle situations in ways that they so choose.

“We would love to have the opportunity to do another season,” said producer Luc Baghadoust in the same interview and continued on to say, “We can really go with other characters, other locations, but still keep the identity of the game, the themes of the game.” This could mean that in a potential season two, while players might have to say goodbye to Max and Chloe, they could still expect to see the same depth that the first game has presented.

This game has done what Telltale Games have yet to achieve in regards to an enthralling story, but what notes Dontnod could take from Telltale games are their rich varieties in settings. If there was a merger between the highlights of both developers the resulting game could be absolutely staggering. Now only time, and fan persistence will tell to see if gamers will get to see the next chapter of the Life is Strange universe.

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