You know what’s super exciting? Getting two months of university, Woohoo! Why not ditch the family (do you really need to explain to your Grandmother for the 30th time why you’re single and haven’t birthed two perfect children for her to spoil yet?) and use the time to take a trip across the globe. Better yet why not plan a trip away with your BFF!!!

Planning a trip of a lifetime with your bestie is super exciting. Whether it’s a couple of weeks sipping cocktails on a beach in Thailand, trekking around Europe for the holiday break or taking off exploring the world on a gap year, travelling with your best friend can make your adventure that one million times better. #Bff4lyfe

However, when travelling we are pushed out of our comfort zones. We face stressful situations in environments we are not used to. We are often hung-over, tired and jetlagged. Even friendships with the best of friends can become strained when trekking across the globe together.

So how do you explore the world with your bestie without actually ruining your friendship forever? We’ve listed the tips below.

Talk Money Before Your Trip

The saying goes that friends and money don’t mix and for good reason. But when it comes to escaping to the other side of the world it’s important to get an idea of your friend’s budget before the trip so you can plan around it accordingly. It saves embarrassment later on if they can’t afford to stay in the same places or participate in the same activities on the trip. Get an idea of where you are both at so you can book your trip accordingly. Even better, work out a budget for it and save for the trip together.

Talk Money Before Your Trip

Spend At Least An Hour A Day Separately

It doesn’t matter who you travel with, if it’s a partner, a friend or even your mum, spending every second with them for extensive amounts of time will put pressure on any type of relationship. Factor in all the added stresses of travelling, it’s can be a recipe for disaster.

It’s important while taking off with your friend that you take at least an hour every day to do something separate. Even if you go read a book by yourself in a park, take yourself out for a meal or head to the pub for a sneaky beer, it’s important to give each other the space you need to ensure the trip is enjoyable for both of you.

Don’t Pressure Them Into Doing Something

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been best friends since you were five, have crushed on all the same boys and are so alike people think your sisters, you are still going to have different things you want to do when you travel. She might want to explore all the art and museums in Paris, whereas you might be more into shopping. Don’t pressure your friend into doing something because you want to. You are both adults and can do things separately.


Just like when you are taking off with your partner, when travelling with your bestie you still need to learn to compromise. Planning a big trip takes a fair bit of research, and you are going to want to do different things in different locations. If you plan on spending the whole trip together than you are going to have to compromise on different aspects of where you are going, where you are staying and how long for etc. Having the attitude “it’s my way or the highway” is not going to get you anywhere, except lonely and friendless on your trip.


Don’t Forget to Laugh

There are going to be times where you are both stressed out. You’re going to get lost. There may be a language barrier, your luggage might go missing. Things just go wrong. Getting frustrated, upset or blaming the other person is not going to get you anywhere. Instead of sweating the small stuff, laugh it off. You’re on the other side of the world with your bestest friend! No matter what happens you’ve still got each other. And that’s the most important thing there is!

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