Events like the CES, IHHS, and KBIS do have us waiting anticipatedly, gazing impressionably at what new gadgets or devices makers and manufacturers would deem to introduce to our kitchen.  At this year’s summit, it seems the theme was fully bringing smartness to your kitchen and guided cooking.

Visitors to the different shows saw gadgets like the 27-inch GE’s Family Hub, the ‘13 functions’ smart pressure cooker, the BoomBottle Bluetooth speaker, and the Aeolus ‘beer from fridge’ robot, all exciting additions, as shipping in consumer quantities are slated for the later time of the year.

With innovations and apps from eating technology company, Innit and eating companion, Sidechef, the day draws nearer when even the most technology-averse home would be opting to turn the kitchen into a technology hub!


Regulars on kitchen frontlines would recall that not too long ago, none other than contentious celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, in tandem with electronics manufacturer, Philips, led the tidal wave of the arrival of the Air fryer. Now blogs, internet forums and TV adverts are awash with news on air fryers, uses and perks. It is modest to assume that the sales of air fryers have been a blockbuster. Sales and ratings on Amazon indicate an overwhelming acceptance and rates the air fryer among one of the most inventive devices for the kitchen.

Interested to know more about air fryers? You can read all about them on the

Air fryer reviews, truth or hype? Carrying our own research, we checked out the benefits having an air fryer brings to the kitchen and the home.


One of the widely avowed pluses to the air fryers is the way drop in the quantity of oil needed in cooking frying recipes. Comparing with deep fryers, air fryers need as little as seventy percent less oil, with some air fryers as little as twenty percent, to get your fried meals ready.

Pick up your favorite recipes like French fries with ketchup (or ice cream), chicken enchiladas, or fried pickles.


Some air fryers come with premium costs that make purchasing them not a really attractive offer. However, you don’t simply have to settle for these. There are several others, like the Avalon Bay air fryer which come with modest and affordable prices, that you get a great bargain, while having all the fries you want. You can read more about Avalon Bay air fryer.

Saves money

Needing less oil for your fries also means putting less oil in your groceries budget. Now you can either channel these extra funds to your spending money, buy more health-friendly meals, or increase your savings in the bank.


Since the introduction of air fryers, it seems there’s been a wave of enthusiasm to invent, try out and discover new air fryer recipes. Surely, there are the compact recipes, like Philips, which come with their products, however, you can find on Amazon, more recipe books, that dish out exciting and inventive recipes.


Thinking cooking in the kitchen would be a dour affair? Think again.

With some air fryers like the Ivation 5.5 quarts having preset timers, you can mix up the ingredients, start up the timer, input preset settings, and forget all about your cooking, while you wait on your guests, and discuss the latest season of Orange is the New Black.

You can make friends too!

Have an air fryer recipe to share? Have a neighbor who’s on the line about pulling out some cash to invest in an air fryer? Air fryers and air frying recipes are great icebreakers. With the new neighbor moving into the apartment next door, you do not have to rack your brains to come up with a conversation starter. Even if she’s heard of air fryers and she’s an air frying enthusiast, you can veer toward the discussion of health by discussing best and healthiest air frying recipes to try out!

Get together

Raise the friendship level a notch up, by inviting your neighbor and other friends for an evening of movies. Put up a movie trending on Netflix, and get on the couch to watch. Select a snack to go with the movies? French fries, fried by the air fryer, with ketchup (or ice cream). If your guests complain about fats and having to take in much oil by eating the fries, give them a smarting response about the health benefits of the air fryer.


Air fryers make a great addition to the kitchen. Get excited using the pressure cooker, the grill, and the oven, knowing slyly, that you can sought out a health retreat, by using the air fryer!

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