A group of city authorities and film industry professionals got together to celebrate an uncommon event: the opening of a brand new, state of the art soundstage in Los Angeles.

A Hollywood sound stage is a soundproofed building (or room) that’s used to record film or television productions and music videos. This allows the film professionals to record what’s called “production sound”, along with the images, without interference from outside noise

Goya Studios revealed a brand new 14,000-square-foot, 54-foot-high soundstage, alongside a 6,000 square feet of office space and hair, cosmetics, and clothing changing areas.

That in and of itself is not really remarkable in a city that boasts roughly 300 soundstages, a significant number of them substantially bigger. But the opening of this particular soundstage is surprising in light of the fact that so few offices have been developed along with a soundstage, starting from the earliest stage in L.A., up to the peak of taping movement in the late 1990s — before the film industry started to move prouctions to less expensive districts.

Goya Studios gives adaptable and expandable Hollywood Sound Choices, finished with private rooms, VIP lounges, green rooms, creation workspaces, kitchens, and private restrooms. And that’s only a tip of the iceberg.

The company invested $12 million into the new soundstage. Goya Studios offers impressive services to their customers by adopting a three stage customer experience. Each of the stages has its own floor in the building to suite different purposes.

Stage A

Stage A is ideal for your next photography or film shoot! With 4600 square feet of room, a lot of help space, block dividers, bow truss and clean solid floors, you can accomplish a variety of styles and exploit the warm mechanical surfaces of the space.

Stage B

The closeness and protection of Stage B makes an ideal domain for photograph and film shoots. Stage B comes furnished with a 2 divider cyc, 20ft to the matrix and bolsters spaces including changing areas, green rooms, private restrooms, and a full kitchen.

Stage C

Stage C is the largest sound stage at Goya Studios, an impressive 5600 square feet with a 2 divider cyc, 21ft to the matrix and quiet HVAC system. This stage is fit to suit any of your needs, whether you are searching for a place to shoot photos, music, video, television, commercial or motion picture shoots.

Sam Nicassio, leader of the Los Angeles Center Studios, the downtown studio that was home to the AMC film “Psychos,” stated that the need for soundstage space is high. Which means Goya’s Sound Stages will find it easy to be in the spotlight, given the services they offer.

Regardless of whether you are searching for a Hollywood sound stage, a green screen, a white cyc, or a photography studio, Goya Studio will not just give you an amazing space to outline and shoot your scene. Their Los Angeles sound stage rental alternatives are strategically placed at the core of Hollywood, and their amenities are top notch. When you pick Goya Studios Hollywood Sound Stages you will enjoy all the additional offerings at competitive prices.

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