Fre Lifeproof Iphone 6 Case

iPhone cases aren’t supposed to attract attention — they’re supposed to protect the phone. But too many cases have opted to bypass protection for “style” and so can’t handle the problems that arise during a day of normal use. That’s not the case with FRE’s Lifeproof iPhone 6 case though.

The Lifeproof strives to live up to its name by being “proofed” against those constants that daily life will throw at a phone. So it’s water and snow proof — not resistant — and can be fully immersed up to 6+ feet for up to an hour. Realistically this provides safety from a downpour and the occasional phone slipped out of the hands into the pool or toilet (don’t laugh, it happens). As an adjunct to that, the case also provides shock protection for the 6+ feet as well: anyone who has picked up their phone after having washed their hands from doing the dishes or in the bathroom and then had it slip and fall on the non-cushioned, non-carpeted floor can appreciate this. Or having it fall out of a pocket while exiting a car to watch in horror as it drops the few feet onto concrete or blacktop. Better to have it in a case first, you betcha!

And as must be obvious by now, there has to be a cover on the front of the case or all the talk about waterproofing would be a bad joke. In the case of the LIfeproof, it’s a transparent plastic that is hardened against scratching (a more likely scenario due to all the poking on the touchscreen) but still allows the finger to activate the various bits on the screen by finger.

As there’s so many different ways to put a case on an iPhone, especially when the case is able to provide serious protection, FRE sensibly provides a video that details how to go about it (found on their website). Basically you insert the phone into the front part of the case and then put the back on. You then screw down the bottom plate so as to protect the Lightning connector (which can be opened u[ for charging and syncing). There’s also an adapter to use for the purpose of listening to earbuds. Sensibly FRE suggests you test the case sans phone to make sure it is not defective and to also make sure you understand how to assemble the two parts of the case so that they form a correct and tight seal.

The FRE Lifeproof iPhone 6 case comes in various colors, which affects the price. As an example the black color version, which also fits the 6S as they all do, and retails for $71.99. Other colors add a few dollars to the total.

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