One of the key strategies for the growth and successful development of a company is to have reliable and safe distributors. Many small businesses are unable to establish a suitable distribution channel, and this cuts deep into their profitability. As a business owner, you need to think about where you are going to put your money. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a quality product if nobody is able to get their hands on it. From the manufacturing to the sales point, you have to make sure that you set up a viable distribution channel. The best thing to do is to contact a company like Transmed. Transmed is a distribution company that was founded in 1946. Since then, it has been offering high-quality distribution services to its clientele. The company has more than 25 distribution centers spread in more than 20 countries including Senegal, UAE, KSA, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Ghana. Using their distribution services is generally a wise move for companies that want to excel in this field.   

A distribution channel is the means by which a company or manufacturer places its products or services at the disposal of the final consumer. Based on this, one of the key strategies for the growth and successful development of a company is to have reliable and secure distributors, since they become a commercial extension, in the spokesperson in front of the market and the channel between the company and the final customers.

Having the right distributors is one of the most convenient ways to grow a business or company healthy, Transmed said in a statement and said that before partnering with a channel, it is also important to consider some criteria to determine if it can meet the objectives of the company:

Know the product of the company: the distributor must be clear about the product he markets, know its benefits, limitations, advantages over the competition, among others. Above all, knowing exactly who is addressed.

General profile and market coverage: includes considering the geographical location of the distributor, as well as its commercial scope at the national, regional or local level. In addition, its size, experience in the field and compliance with quality standards must be taken into account.

After-sales service: talks about the seriousness of the distributor, especially in the technological areas, by verifying that they have technical service, customer service, follow-up, training or extended guarantees.

Financial stability: essential to maintain the necessary inventory of products, as well as to allocate resources that promote the company and help expand the business.

Philosophy and way of working: the distributor requires sharing the philosophy of the company and analyzing aspects such as customer service, the importance of quality, compliance with deadlines, flexibility of requirements and formality.

Working with distributors is a challenge, but collaboration with committed channels will be the key to the growth and presence of a company. You need to follow these important tips in order to be able to establish a distribution channel for your company.

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