The New York Times is one of the famous newspaper in the United States of America which has an online as well as offline presence. The newspaper is continuously creating milestones since 1851 and has won hundreds of awards and recognition more than any other newspaper across the globe. It was

Initially founded by a politician and journalist. The newspaper headquartered in the New York City cater to the around the globe audience. The newspaper covers almost every part of an inch of the world. From the news, travel, entertainment, politics, etc. New York times cater to almost every part of your life of every individual. There are certain fun elements are also attached with the New York Times that is not just meant for the kids, even the ladies and senior citizen wants to play it and go through. Yes, we are talking about the famous crosswords that are offered by the New York Times daily in their newspaper. These crosswords are famous worldwide for their riddles. The newspaper was available previously in the print form only. But, with time the newspaper has taken a digital form as well. Now, the users can have the access of the newspaper from anywhere in the world just by pressing a click only. The newspaper has been a craze in the people and everybody wants to know what is going on the King of the nations and what the best of the writers are writing about the plight of the situations in the world.

New York Times

Getting a space in the New York Times is always a dream of many writers, actors, and achievers. The features off New York Times covers everything ranging from kids to the elders. If we talk about Crosswords, then as a kid we remember how much we were indulged in solving them and love the mystery caused. The crosswords solving provides us lots of advantages as they cater to all the age groups and make your mind work faster. It not only increase your vocabulary, but you can also link up so many things to each other. These crosswords differ day by day and their difficulty level too. If you are not in the United States then you can have the access to the same by their digital form as well.

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