The human body is designed to pine for comfort, and when denied, it stresses the body parts which could lead to pain and discomfort. The leg is one of the most stressed parts of the body; we walk around with it, sit on it and stand on it for long on queues that usually seem unending. This is why a lot of people complain about leg pains more often.

Blood circulation involves a round trip around the parts of the body including the legs through the veins and arteries; blood goes back and forth from the leg to the heart when circulating. Activities like sitting with the feet on the floor for an extended period result into blood pools in the legs which could lead to life-threatening as well as fatigue, blood clots and swellings. This has caused numerous discomforts for people, and there is a constant need to reduce the repercussions of overusing our legs and feet. This is where compression socks come in.

Compression socks are a reliable way to ensure that the round trip between the legs and the heart is not restricted to avoid any complication with our legs and feet. The compression socks have a pressure range between 15-25 mmHg that helps to prevent or reduce the swelling of the legs when we overuse in the course of performing daily activities.

Compression socks are useful for:

Workers: having a job is important to fulfill certain and numerous needs, however,  while some jobs are less stressful, others tend to be overly stressful because they tend to spend time walking around, standing heavy lifting object amongst other strenuous activities. Professionals in the construction, healthcare, retail and other strenuous industries would find the compression very useful in helping their leg relax despite the numerous activities their job requires.

Anti-thrombosis: using compression socks is a sure way to prevent and manage vein thrombosis especially those that have had blood cloth. While exercising and taking healthy food will help you in this situation, compression socks are also recommended by doctors for easing the pains.

Travelers: long flights or bus journey are one of the things that could impair blood circulation in the legs, this is why compression socks are the best companions when traveling. They prevent your legs from feeling the effects of resting on your feet excessively as a result of prolonged traveling hours.

Athletes: athletic activities involve rigorous movement that requires you to use your feet in various strenuous ways, whether it is jumping, running, throwing, kicking or any other events, your legs are seriously involved, and this is why you need compression socks to help you ease the pain you would feel after that.

Non-Athletes: compression socks are designed for everyone; this is to prevent any future pain in the legs and help you live a good life on your feet. It can be used by both the old and young for a smooth and comfortable experience

Compression socks are very useful and vital when it comes to quality compression socks, The Companions Solid Compression Socks made by Comrad is the best find. Comrad has helped a whole lot in making life easier for people who continuously experience leg pains as a result of the pressure they put on their legs as well as those who want to prevent such implications in the future. The Companions Solid Compression Socks made by Comrad is the perfect compression socks for both men and women, old and young from different works of life. The Companions Solid Compression Socks made by Comrad is made with breathable, comfortable and anti-microbial fabrics that give your legs the cushion, rest and comfort it needs without disturbing your daily routine.

The Companions Solid Compression Socks Are

  • Comfortable
  • Fashionable
  • Healthy
  • Affordable

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