Prague is a cool destination where you can find a lot of gorgeous places. This city is a medieval area with rich history, a hint of romance and a developed nightlife. You can find hostels and a lot of teen foreigners.

You can visit the Prague Castle which is the most popular structure in this city. You can then go visit Petrin Park that is the biggest and most beautiful park in Prague. You will find there a maze, a garden and a tower that looks like the Parisian Eiffel Tower.

Attractions of OLD Town Square:

In the next days you can go hanging out in the Old Town Square where you will find a lot of attractions like the astronomical clock, catacombs and churches. Prague is a beautiful and stunning city and only if you just wander around the streets you will find amazing restaurant or markets. Sit and watch the vibe of the city and just get a little bit lost.


If you want to get a temporary memory from this beautiful city and if you are a brave person you can go look for some tattoo shops. You can find plenty of professional tattoos specialist in this city. You can have a finger tattoo that is cute, fun and stylish.

When it comes to the travel clothing we suggest you to minimize by bringing basic items. Pack colors like black, navy, beige or khaki that are easy to dress and can be versatile. Try to choose materials that resist wrinkling because you will not have time to iron them.

Shopping from Prague:

If you are planning to go to a concert or to the opera just opt for a casual dress with a pair of flats. Basically in Prague if you go to such events people are adopting decent looks. If you are traveling in the summer don’t forget the tank tops, shorts and lightweight material clothes. Always wear a shawl with you because if you like to visit churches it’s necessary to look modest and therefore you can easily wrap yourself with a scarf.

Functional clothing made from fabrics like microfiber or silk will dry faster than cotton and are more breathable. It’s important to adopt a style that will make you first of all feel comfortably.

Shoes are an important factor because you will take long walks. We suggest you to go for some sneakers that are professionally made for walking long distances. If you don’t like the sport style so much, then opt for some cozy sandals or ballerina flats. Leave flashy high heels at home and go into a more casual style while you are traveling.

It’s a great choice visiting this city, because Prague is a charming city, full with tourists, medieval houses and historical places.

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