Facebook calls it EdgeRank… I call it Facebook’s self-proclaimed right to decide which of our friends we need to communicate with.

In any case, it works the following way:

You don’t get to see updates from ALL of your friends (especially if you have many). Instead, Facebook prioritizes updates from friends who you tend to interact with more often. These interactions include mutual likes, comments, messages.

Now, while this may make sense, often it’s limiting your reach. There are two obvious

Here’s how you can bypass Facebook algorithm:

1. RE-Share Popular Links

Share popular links

When you see a viral link in your feed, you’ll often notice Facebook stack all your friends’ updates sharing it. In many cases, it’s your chance to interact with people you seldom see in your feed.

Similarly, if you share that link to (with the comment), you’ll be seen by those of your friends who don’t tend to see you in their feeds.

This trick works for Facebook pages too.

2. Tag People

Tag people

And I don’t mean just tag anyone you can think of: I always unfriend people who engage into irrelevant tagging.

Tag people who you want to ask a question (and there’s a reason you think they have an answer), tag those you mentioned in the article or those you have found in your photo.

Tagging on Facebook does take time: It won’t always work even for friends (for whatever reason) but don’t be lazy: Tag whenever that makes sense.

Once those people you tag come over to like or comment, from now on they will see more of you in their feeds.

3. Post Milestones / Life Events

Post Milestones / Life Events

Facebook will push your milestone to more of your friends than it usually does and if those friends interact (Most will!), they will see more of your regular updates from now on.

It may seem weird that we have to trick Facebook into showing our updates to people who have already chosen to be our friends but that’s how it is!

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