How do you promote your products and services?

Did you know that you can take your business to the next level by engaging in a blogger outreach campaign?

And have you ever wondered why some brands go viral very quickly? It’s because they promote their business through blogger outreach campaigns and they rely heavily on influencer marketing.

A blogger outreach campaign is a solid marketing technique that will give your brand the recognition it deserves. We want to see your business grow, so here are 3 easy ways to promote your blogger outreach campaign, but first, we will answer your burning question of “why”.

Why Promote a Blogger Outreach Campaign?

It’s all about making person to person (P2P) connections. Promoting a blogger outreach campaign will get you connected to thousands of people who will spread the news about your brand. This will result in increased website traffic, lots of reviews, and wider brand awareness.

Bloggers are influential people. By crafting genuine and authentic content, bloggers can market your brand to a wide audience. Most consumers rely on bloggers’ reviews to make informed purchasing decisions. Therefore, getting involved in a blogger outreach campaign, especially with blogger outreach companies like, will be beneficial to your business in the long run.

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However, you need to know what it takes to have an effective campaign. You can draw inspiration from this article which looks at 3 easy ways that some well-known brands utilized blogger outreach to market their businesses.

1.     Form Lasting Relationships for Continuous Support

To be successful in a blogger outreach campaign, you need to form lasting relationships. Bloggers are the ones who know about continued support through relationships. Therefore, when your brand is mentioned frequently by a well-known blogger, this will cause people to act.
For example: for years Walmart has been fostering relationships with bloggers who have been promoting their brands and services. One of their most successful campaigns was the Walmart Moms Blogger Program which had 22 influential bloggers. They blogged about a variety of topics based on Walmart brands.

To show how effective Walmart’s campaign was, Melanie Edwards, one of the bloggers, said:

“We also engaged directly with the Walmart marketing team in Bentonville, Arkansas, providing them with insight, feedback, and reader comments, which often effected change in stores across the nation!”

2.    Give Away “No Strings Attached” Free Products

Show potential bloggers what you’ve got! From time to time introduce them to your products, your brand, and services by sending them free products with no strings attached. This will ignite a relationship.

But first, make sure that they like your products before starting a relationship. If they like your product, then you will get more sincere and authentic content which will attract positive responses from the blogging community.

Sam Zivot from Lorna Jane did it. He sent out emails encouraging bloggers to visit his website and pick an item for free. Bloggers were under no obligation to write or blog about the products, unless they wanted to. According to him, if they see what they like, they will brag about it!

3.    Host Interested Events Exclusively for Bloggers

Apart from receiving free products, bloggers like to be engaged. Host a fascinating bloggers’ party. Make it something that will be memorable, and invite the top influential bloggers that you believe will write about the event.
H&M is smart.  They ensure that fashion bloggers are always the first to preview their new fashion collection by hosting sophisticated events for bloggers.

You can also follow the footstep of Ford Motor. Instead of hosting an event with the aim of getting publicity, the company hosted an event for bloggers who made negative comments about the company. This move, according to their communications manager, was done so that these negative bloggers could learn more about the company.

But, don’t rush into having an event without having clear strategies of what you hope to achieve from the event. Is it driving traffic to your website? or receiving product mention to increase referral links? Knowing what you hope to achieve will determine the type of event you host and the bloggers you should invite.

Remember also, that your event can be more meaningful to bloggers if you extend invitations to their partner or a family member, as well.

Final Thoughts

Many well-known companies have participated in a blogger outreach campaign, so you can too. Promoting a blogger outreach campaign will be successful for your business in the long run.
Get involved with bloggers and create genuine relationships with them, because they are the ones who can share authentic contents about your products, thus driving more traffic to your website.

Be creative with your blogger outreach campaign and always remember to make bloggers feel respected.

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