Just saying the word conjures images that no other State can compete with; The Rocky Mountains, The Great Plains, The Colorado River, and a way of life with people, hospitality and food like nowhere else.

That’s all for the tourists, and it is all spectacular, but what about the day to day life? Is the Centennial State as well thought of by bona fide Coloradans as it is by travel agents and tourists?

Here below, in no particular order, and focused on no particular aspect of the 38th State, are just twenty of the (countless) reasons why it just might be:

  1. Blucifer, seriously, would any other state have the tenacity to welcome air travelers into their main airport with a massive, blue, red-eyed Mustang…This is Colorado, we welcome you but we don’t take no silly stuff…
  2. Den-Mex cuisine, we aren’t the closest state to Mexico, but we are the State with the best Mexican food, go ahead… Enjoy.
  3. The Great American Beer Festival, every year 35,000 gallons of the stuff, from more than 450 state breweries. Great local beer, to wash down all that great Mexican food.
  4. Pagosa Springs, the deepest and best hot springs in America and of course, if you want to look great while you’re there then shop Colorado stuff here!
  5. Hunter S Thompson ran for mayor of Aspen, just in case you thought we couldn’t possibly get any cooler.
  6. The archaeology, with regular ice-age finds and the best sites of international interest, even pre-historic life forms can’t resist coming back to see us.
  7. Our climate, a little something for every taste. It might be blazing sunshine on your side of the Eisenhower Tunnel, go through it and the other side might be inches deep in snow, in June! Be prepared;  grab a hoody to go with that T-shirt.
  8. Our climate (II) searing temperatures. Caps and vests, in November anyone!?
  9. Bison, everywhere! By the sides of our roads, at our shows and on our tables.
  10. Mountain Standard Time, is there anything better?
  11. Dog the Bounty Hunter, the man, the legend. He’s all ours and we have the store to prove it (other, equally amazing options are available for you to shop Colorado stuff)
  12. The best hiking in the world, Chasm Lake, Flattop Mountain, The Five Lake Loop, St, Vrain Mountain…We could go on (and on).
  13. Our National Parks, The Great Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, Black Canyon, and The Rocky Mountain National Park, why would anyone ever need to leave the state?
  14. Bill Murray, born in Illinois, educated in Colorado… you are welcome world.
  15. We are fit! Coloradans are one of the most physically fit states in the USA, is it any surprise with so much to see and do in our great outdoors?
  16. We’re always high… Not like that, literally high; we have the highest elevation of any state. With more than 1000 peaks above 10,000 ft.
  17. If you like to get high in a more plant-based fashion, marijuana is legal in our state, the taxes from it go towards our public school system, our crime rates have dropped considerably too, makes you think, right?
  18. Our people, our community, Coloradans are proud of our community spirit, we shop local, and our local community means a lot.
  19. Our style, culture and art is ours, and we love it, we are proud of who we are, and we love to wear that with pride for the world to admire. Here’s a great place to shop Colorado stuff.
  20. We live in a wonderful state, with something for everyone, we love it and we don’t mind at all if visitors want to see for themselves; what all the fuss is about. We know how lucky we are to live in Colorado and to experience everything it offers every day.


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