It’s time to pwn your gift-giving skills. Today, we’re bringing you 15 gift ideas for that special gamer in your life (or for yourself, we won’t tell anyone!). Let’s level up your abilities with these awesome products inspired by video games.

(Note: If you’re looking for something more specific, you can check out this site for collectibles, Funko POP, and other gaming merch)

Let’s do this.


  1. Monopoly for Gamers

This Nintendo-themed Monopoly board is beyond cool. Instead of the traditional pieces, you can choose from Bowser, Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Donkey Kong. You’ll collect coins and beat bosses… while building up Monopoly properties. A winning combination.


  1. WoW Illidan Pop!

If you don’t know about Funko, you need to fix that ASAP. Funko makes stylized figures from all the fandoms you can imagine… and this is a beauty from WoW. This rare Pop! would be an excellent gift for a WoW fanatic.


  1. Halo Spartan Helmet

Um, is this Halo helmet gorgeous or what? This full-scale replica of Locke’s Spartan Helmet comes from TriForce and is seriously detailed. At $649, you’ll break the bank to get it, but still. Impressive.


  1. Minecraft Keychains

These Minecraft-themed keychains are super fun. Get a pack for your friends!


  1. Cuphead & Mugman

Another Funko delight. This black-and-white Cuphead and Mugman 2-pack is a classic.


  1. Infinite Warfare Backpack

Practical and cool, this Call of Duty backpack will take you places. It’s got the official logo and everything.


  1. Diablo Pop!

Who knew Diablo could ever look “cute”? This Funko figure is perfect for outfitting any gaming desk or console. A devilish keeper.


  1. Zelda Chess Set

If you’ve maxed out on the Zelda video game, this chess set opens a whole new world of board gaming. This beautifully crafted set features our favorite Zelda characters. On the white side, we’ve got Link (King), Zelda (Queen), Impa (Bishops), Epona (Knights), Darunia (Rooks), Navi (Pawns). And on the black: Ganon (King), Twinrova (Queen), Iron Knuckle (Bishops), Phantom (Knights), Armos (Rooks), Deku Scrub (Pawns).


  1. Scorpion & Subzero

These Mortal Kombat Pops! are simply dashing as a set. A legendary combo.


  1. Overwatch Hoodie

We’re not usually into gaming clothes, but this hoodie won us over. With Reinhardt’s colors, it’s stylin’ for any Overwatch fan.


  1. Blue Ezio Pop!

This blue-bathed Ezio Pop! is just too cool to overlook. A no-brainer for an Assassin’s Creed fan.


  1. Pacman Pint Glass

We can’t imagine a better way to reminisce about Pacman than with a pint glass. When you add cold liquid, an image of the classic game is revealed. Awesome.


  1. Doom Demihero

This Domo Demihero figure is wildly detailed and just plain jaw-dropping. Dota fans will rejoice.


  1. Super Mario Bros Mouse

Is there a core gamer out there who doesn’t like Super Mario Bros? Yeah, I didn’t think so. This retro star mouse is a must-have.


  1. Bioshock Songbird Pop!

This Songbird Pop! is eye-catching and well designed. Thanks again, Funko.

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