Are you thinking of getting a GoPro? Well we don’t blame you – they are simply one of the best, most compact and most versatile cameras for filming live action that money can buy.

GoPro’s boast superb video quality, water proofing and toughness, Bluetooth and wifi connectivity, remote control and a whole ton of accessories on the market – I could go on with the list of great features but you get the idea…  It’s for these reasons that these cameras are so widely used now they are even using them in TV production and Hollywood!

The problem is though with all these fantastic features and the ever expanding range of new GoPro models hitting the market it is hard to know which GoPro to buy…

Well, fear not we have found a really useful website that will help making this decision much easier. This website is – this website is run by GoPro experts and they have written detailed information about each model but better still they also Compare GoPro Models  against each other directly so you can see side by side not only the specifications of each model but you can also watch a video taken by the models so you can view the output simultaneously.

For example, they have compared the Hero with Hero2, Hero2 with the Hero3 and Hero3 with the Hero4 – they also go into detail about the sub-models such as the GoPro Hero black/silver, etc.

I was recently mulling over for quite some time whether to buy a Hero4 or the smaller more compact Hero4 Session and I have to say, this site really helped me. Needless to say I bought the Hero4 for its more advanced features, I was not really needing the more compact version for my application (filming myself on my bike).

So what’s next in my purchase list?! Well probably the same as a lot of people… The GoPro Drone or Karma Drone as it is being called… is it the most eagerly awaited product of 2016?! Funnily enough, the GoProPro website has some useful info on it’s release date and I am sure they will review it as soon as they can get their hands on it.

So what are you waiting for, stop ‘umming and ‘arring and read the info and place the order for your GoPro!

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