What Is Web Design?

The word web design designates the sum of techniques you should know to build an efficient website.  This concept includes the processes that allows you to create the content,  update and maintain the website to keep it working.   As many may think, Web design is not as simple as it may appear; it is an important process that has its principles.  There are many schools of web design and each one has its set of principles.

Web Design Principles:

Web design principles refer to the several things one should consider in order to make a good website. Of course, the number of principles can vary according to many factors such as the technology development, but there are some basic principles that are common and are critical to the efficient web design. The concept should cover the way the website would look and appear as well as the way it works and responds to users’ activity. It is important to signal that web design includes the way the website displays on different devices.


Top Selected Web Design Principles:

Easy to browse:  The website should be easy to browse. The user needs to be lead through the website; he appreciates that he finds easily the information he seeks and where to find it on your website.  The architecture must be well done in the way that every link leads to a particular and exact destination; an image must match the text. Actually, mislead and dead links are among the website killers.

Easy to read: content must be readable; this includes the font type, size and colors as well as the layout of the overall pages. Users are attracted by the comfortable design where they do not need to spend much time trying to distinguish what they are looking at. If users land on a website that has aggressive colors has less chances to be revisted.  In this context, images and visual media are to select carefully not to create blur in the eyes.

Easy to understand: the content of the web page has to be informative and well structured. Users need not to think about what is the website about; also the information has to be clear and with no fluff or filler which is boring. This can reduce the popularity of the website and can affect dramatically the business you are running.

Regular monitoring:

Regular monitoring describes the control you have to conduct in order to fix any bug and any issue that can occur.  Keeping the website working is one basic rule to achieve more success.

Regular updates:

The content of the website should be regularly revised and updated. This factor tells users that you are willing to offer them the best, and not some out dated and obsolete information. The fresh content indicates that you evolving with business marketplace.


Definitely, there are many classifications for the web design principles. Yet they all converge toward the same goals: improve the website popularity and therefore improve the success you can achieve through the digital portal.

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