Today, when employers recruit candidates, they don’t just target the core areas but the overall performance and affectivity of the candidates. Perhaps that is the reason more and more companies are tending towards pre-employment tests. These tests help the employers to get an idea about the affectivity and overall character of the individuals sitting in the recruitment setup.

There are different pre-employment tests out there to assess   the calibre, potential and skills of people. These are the tests like aptitude tests, verbal ability test, psychometric test, reasoning test and so on. These are extensively used by businesses in getting the best available talent in their company. One of these tests called verbal Aptitude is the ability to use the written language test is really effective for assessing the grasp of candidates on concepts.  Actually verbal Aptitude is the capability to use the written language and to comprehend the concepts presented via words.

Verbal aptitude tests can be various diverse things: these can assess a person’s capability to spell words correctly, use right grammar, understand the meanings of words, understand word relations, andinterpret thorough written information. These tests might have areas like critical thinking, grammar and spelling,Homophones,Letter Sequence, Verbal Coherence & Cohesion, Word Analogy, Vocabulary, word relationships and so on.

Are these tests get used?

Employers incline to use these Verbal ability test to evaluating the practical verbal skills like Vocabulary, and Verbal Comprehension) Grammar & Spelling and so on when assessing for managerial roles, and reasoning and deduction kind of questions  such as critical and Verbal Reasoningwhen measuring for management and graduate roles. The purpose of these tests is to know about the calibre and potential of candidates spontaneously. These tests get used extensively because of their transparency, effectiveness and efficiency.  You cannot doubt the rightness of these tests because the tests are designed by professionals who belong to the concerned field.

Verbal tests are effective for?

These tests are effective when you are recruiting people on different roles like”

  • Office Staff
  • Executives
  • Customer Service Executive
  • Store Managers
  • Entry Level Executives
  • Sales Executive
  • Senior roles
  • Administrative zones

As these zones demand proper interactions, communication and general thing; it makes sense to have this test in your recruitment procedure. The point is that there are many candidates who take part in recruitment and it gets challenging to measure the potential and capabilities of every person in a particular manner if you pick the traditional instruments of recruiting such as resume and interview.  You will fail to have an idea about the real abilities of the candidate. But once you have a test in your recruitment program, every individual has to go through it. The test enables the recruiters to know the hidden weaknesses and strengths of the candidates.

Usually, this verbal ability is an essential constituent of management entrance tests. The inquiries in this section hugely examine the abilities of the candidates in word analogies, sentence correction, power and verbal reasoning. So, once you encompass this test in your recruitment process, your applicants will be assessed in these parts too.  it would be right to state that a verbal reasoning test is a kind of aptitude test that is hugely used by interviewers to find out how well a candidate can assess verbal logic, and how efficiently they can excerpt the correct meaning from complicated written information. If your staff members have these verbal abilities along with their core skills, it would be the best of both worlds for you.You never know which employee of yours has to deal with which scenario while working under your realm. They should be ready to deal with any type of challenges in the working setup.

Would it be a pain to use these tests?

In case you feel that you have to do a fresh setup for these tests then you are wrong. You just have to use a test package and it would be a cake walk for you to take it. Different verbal tests have their different timings and ingredients. The length of the test depends solely on the segments. It might of half an hour, an hour or even longer.  Whether you are a technology savvy or an ordinary recruiter; you can easily conduct these tests. These are easy to implement and get the recruiters exact results. You would not even want any extra men power. The beauty of these tests is that they are impartial and transparent.

Is it for big companies only?

Pre-employment tests are apt for companies of any size. When it comes to productivity, it gets important that you assess all your candidates. There is no point of taking a candidate who isn’t a good addition to your business. It won’t leave you insolvent if you use these pre-employment tests along with interview and resume assessment in your recruitment drive. Together, interview and pre-employment tests can get you the best and exact picture of the candidates.

Similarly, it has also been seen that more and more companies are taking pre-employment tests because they want to standardise their recruitment programs. Often effective candidates try their luck only in such firms or businesses wherein they know that the competition is there. There should be a respect and fear in the candidates about the recruitment procedure. What is the point if any candidate can easily pass your interview and fool the recruiters through their animated resumes?


Thus, introducing verbal and other pre-employment tests in your recruitment would only get you better outcomes and better affectivity.

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