Everyone is waiting for the rocking Pixel 2. You might be wondering, why we are discussing so much about 2 and only 2. There are many reasons behind it. As Pixel could not attain super success, everyone eyes are on Google Pixel 2. This time Google has vowed to bring about tremendous change in its latest model to astonish its users. It would certainly have alluring features such as better battery, improved camera, enhanced microSd slot.

There are many speculations and internet rumors about this captivating Smartphone, which are suggesting it to be a fabulous handset. Let’s know more about it Pixel 2:

  • Time of release: As the latest models of Google are introduced in the month of October, same is expected in this case.  But here is secret news for you; it can be released two or three months early. Hence, you will be able to see this fantastic Smartphone, somewhere in the end of the year.
  • Cost: The information related to cost is not easy to unearth, until the products is launched. But still we can guess it to be somewhere close to 649 pound, if we observe the trend in hike in price.
  • Design: Google Pixel series is always recognized by appealing looks. The same would also be possible in Pixel 2. There are chances that it would be extremely beautiful handset with metal and steel body.
  • Body (Build): It would actually have a waterproof body. It can have curved technology. It would also most probably have reversible USB Type C.
  • Memory: The memory is likely to be 4GB RAM.
  • Storage: There are chances that in Pixel 2 you would get choice between the storage option, possibly 32 GB and 64 GB.
  • Processor: Google’s head considers faulty Snapdragon 810 responsible for the issues related to Pixel, so people are discussing that this time Google would have its own processor. But Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is very much on the cards.
  • Screen: An amazing screen of 5in is possible. It can also have AMOLED technology.
  • Extra Specifications: As Google has always surprised its users, by adding gadgets and gizmos. Fingerprint scanner could be added along with the previous ones, IR blaster and heart rate monitor.
  • Camera: You might have a fabulous clicking experience with its astonishing camera with 16Mp sensor and enhanced optical image stabilization
  • Software: Along with some other software, excellent Android V and TouchWiz would be definitely preloaded in it.

Was the information provide by us helped you to ascertain that what the rocking Pixel 2 actually stores for you? We strive to bring in the latest news and reviews about the technical world. Our endeavor is the always provide you the most trusted and accurate information, so that you can make smart buying choices. In case you have found this article helpful for you, you can visit us for getting more information.

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