A Limited Liability Company or LLC is a is a common business entity that combines the tax status and flexibility of a partnership with limited liability protection of corporations. To form an LLC, articles of organization must be filed with the state and first need to ein application. To apply for an LLC online, visit Gov Doc Filing where tax professionals are ready to assist you in the formation of your LLC.

What Are Articles of Organization

Articles of organization are a document used to establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC) at the state level. This is a legal document that establishes duties, liabilities, power, rights, as well as other obligation between each member of the LLC and between the LLC and the members of the LLC. Another key factor that is included in the articles of organization is how profits and losses will be distributed.

Preparing the Article of Organization

Fees and requirements for each state vary when registering the article of organization. However, they all include some basic information about the business and its members. This information includes the name and address of the business; name and address of each member of the business, including a registered agent, managers, organizers, and directors. The purpose of the business must also be included when registering this document. When preparing your article of organization, you can include other provisions that you want. Be aware, however, this is not a private document but are public record.

Registering an LLC

Once all the information is gathered for your article of organization, you want to register with your state to establish your LLC. Gov Doc Filing has a simplified LLC forms online to save you time and energy. They take security and privacy serious which is why they send a secure link to your email for you to complete the application process. After entering all the required information, their experts handle the rest. No need for headaches or stress.

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