Entree to the sport and physical activity is an essential human right. Sport is well recognized worldwide as a low-cost and high-impact tool for both physical and emotional development and a powerful incentive for social change. It is a culturally and economically accepted activity that brings people closer together and unites nations, families, and communities.

Sport can do incredible things. It can change the perspectives of people who’ve constantly been told they’ll never achieve, that anything is possible. It can inspire people who’ve hardly left their bedroom that running might just change their lives. Maybe most importantly, it can bring us closer together, and show the world the true meaning of equality and individuality. Sex, race, sexuality, religious beliefs: regardless of all of this, on the pitch, racetrack, field, we are truly equal. It is the mental and physical challenge, emotionally testing individuals to their absolute max.

Evolve Studio have produced a piece, Miracle in Manhattan, for ESPN which addresses the love for sports, from a college basketball game to an important final. They mainly discover the miraculous story of Frank Martin, who was a coach, in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami. He coaches high school basketball in 3 different Miami High schools and earned a number of titles in his career. Hoping to one day become employed in Kansas professionally. His drive and determination inspired his basketball team, creating positive minds in the sporting world.

In May 2006, he suffered an unknown condition which made him bedridden, and his organs began to fail. A horrifying diagnosis, practically a death sentence, would mean Martin would not become the Wildcats’ head coach when Huggins left for West Virginia. He wouldn’t have the opportunity to hear the taunts that his promotion was a joke. He would not get the chance to prove everyone wrong, would not lead his team to Oklahoma many years later as a legitimate Final Four contender, and would not see his little girl grow up, or see his family grow.

They tell a heart-warming story of prayer and love and describe his recovery only the day after his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. It’s hard to believe that there is not a higher power out there, as Frank Martin left the hospital, healthy, just 12 days after being initially admitted.

He began to take his team to Elite titles and was employed at Kansas State, then last season, he took his team all the way to the Final 5. Martin’s first season as head coach at Kansas State was marked by a number of noteworthy events. The 2007–2008 Wildcats, featuring star freshman Michael Beasley, were included in the preseason Top 25 for the first time since 1972.  Were those runs miracles? Maybe, it depends on your perspective. Martin, still remembers to never take his next day for granted, as he tried to picture the angel coming to him whilst he was in the hospital. This drives him to become a better coach for his team each day. Which is what some would call a Miracle.

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