Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks these days, especially with people under 40 years old. This popular picture sharing network has many members with thousands of followers, and the biggest names on Instagram can have a follower base in the millions. That’s a lot of eyes on each photo a person posts, and it’s the reason why Ifluenz was born. The brainchild of Lassana Dioum, Ifluenz is an ingenious way to monetize Instagram.


It works like this: advertisers who want to reach the young, hip Instagram audience, simply register on and lay out the parameters of their campaign. Instagram members can then go to and decide which advertising campaigns they are interested in. Once they sign on, all they need to do is take pictures of themselves with the advertiser’s products and share them with their followers. After a validation period of 7 days, the “ifluenzers” will receive a payment for their effort.


It’s a great idea, and it’s made even better for advertisers because they can specify parameters like budget, location, gender, age, etc. It takes the guesswork out of advertising, and exposes their products to the exact audience they’re most interested in. The benefit to the ifluenzers, of course, is that they get paid for doing something they love, which is posting on Instagram.

Lassana Dioum founded Ifluenz with the help of Yann Benichou and Julien Leroy. Ifluenz sounds like a winner of an idea!

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