After disaster, it is important to clean affected area from the debris which is threat to safety of lives and public health. It is also necessary to ensure the economic recovery. It is important to clear the roads and passage for the medical emergency vehicles.

To get this work done quickly, efficiently and safely, debris management software is utilized. There are lots of electronic devices in market, using the software for monitoring debris disposal easily and simply. These devices are multi-tasking. It helps you to manage debris monitoring, its removal, the contracts and the office operations. This is empowered by web so the work is accurate and the chances of error are minimized. There tracking system enables you to keep a full proof digital record of every process from start to finish.

Debris is of various types:

  • Building materials.
  • Utility pipes and wires.
  • Wooden and tree material.
  • Household goods and electrical appliances.
  • Furniture and personal belongings.
  • Vehicles.
  • Food waste.
  • Animal and human bodies.

All these debris are needed to be removed from the disaster area. This debris is disposed off in different ways after dumping.

You can get accurate results by using the debris management software. In the device, there is built in automated fraud detection system and audit system. This reduces the chances of any fraud. The system records the real time access and provides it to the agencies. These agencies allow the auditor to start their work for immediate recovery and refunding.

It has become very easy and manageable to keep track of every step of debris management removal process through software. You have the access to the history of every report easily. They have got the record of every activity.

This software allows you to assign unique barcodes, make badges to your employees to help to track them easily. Through badges identification becomes easy and no outer person can enter the system.

After collecting debris from the area, it is separated and disposed off according to its nature. Some methods are used to reduce them, for example grinding, burning and recycling. Most of the items are grinded to be disposed off to a landfill. While the electronic items and vehicles are recycled and so become reusable for different purposes. With the help of this debris management system, time consumed during the process is significantly minimized and efficiency is improved.

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