Today the social media networks have become a popular medium for promoting your content to the audience who want to view your products. Therefore, you might want to increase the number of people who view your content to maximize the popularity of your media. By making certain adjustments to how you develop, publish and market your content, you can increase the traffic viewing your social media website. In this article you will find six pointers on how to increase your social media shares.

  • Analyze Trending Topics

You can improve the content shares if you research the entire market for the opportunities by staying ahead of time. If you have a comprehensive understanding of how the popular content in your community should look like then you can increase the chances of it being viewed and shared.

We advise that you should utilize a tool like BuzzSumo for finding the top notch shared social media content. You can follow the tips mentioned here to find out how this tool works.

  • With BuzzSumo you can perform these tasks:

You can find the top ranking, shared social media content relevant to your topic, search results or keyword filtered according to overall shares.

On the contrary, you can carry out search with domain name to find out top searched content relevant to a website.

You can obtain an extensive report of shares on every social network that can help you in finding where to deploy your efforts.

  • Use PostReach to improve your social media sharing strategy

  1. PostReach is one of the important tools to find out the content performance on each of the social networks. You can conveniently place a URL of the article in PostReach to obtain a free report.
  1. In addition, you can also obtain a report on total shares of content.
  1. You can improve your research by viewing the Twitter share activity with details.
  1. With help of PostReach you can also graphically map the Twitter activity on the timeline that can show the shared content on different mediums.
  2. Finally you can focus on specific users who share the content together with noteworthy influencers to obtain the detailed account of the sharers at the end of the report.
  • Make Sharing Of Content Easy With Blog Traffic

Your target visitor is more likely to view and distribute content when has to input little effort. If you are obtaining regular traffic then you can take benefit of important social media shares by creating your most essential content for convenient content sharing.

An essential method is to incorporate social buttons on your social media website. If you run a WordPress website then there are many plug-ins for click and share buttons, one of the best examples can be Social Pug.

The semantics of your content can also encourage the viewers to distribute your media on different mediums.

If you have a noteworthy tip to distribute in an article then encode a share button directly at the end of your article, you can find effective methods of incorporating the social media button from the Web.

  • Mention Outline in Headlines

There is a high probability that your content is not being viewed by the visitors because the headline doesn’t impress the people. It is very important to capture the attention of your audience with the headline because the online reading span is not long for many people.

Social audiences like to read popular content, they like small news and feeds that quickly deliver their intent. BuzzFeed articles are specifically designed to take benefit of this method. They are easily readable and distributed to the viewers on the internet. BuzzFeed further tantalize the viewers to read the content by addressing them directly. For example you will find many instances where the viewer is addressed with “you” or “your” keywords throughout the article.

  • Benefit On Visual Interest

You can link images to your posts to increase their views by improving their visual significance. The images can make your posts popular supporting your social efforts.

It is recommended that you should invest resources in top quality graphics to increase the post visibility. Some stock photos in the web archives are free to utilize on the condition that you utilize them according to the terms provided in the license agreement.

  • Set Priorities To Increase Your Social Circle by Network

Audiences tend to diversify across social networks because of their different demographics therefore you should prioritize those networks that are suitable to your interest.

Facebook is the platform that has the maximum amount of users on the internet. Users are most likely to distribute the content that affects their personal concerns because their network is mostly created from friends and family. Therefore you should utilize this fact to send information to the networks that support the distribution of your media.

Twitter is the second-largest platform that attracts younger users. It primarily works as a news source and real-time platform for popular topics.

  • Upload Your Posts At Peak User Time

If you want to obtain the best opportunity to distribute your social media shares for viewers then there is a certain slot of time you should utilize. Posting your content during the peak user time greatly increases your chances to maximize your shares of meaningful user content.

You should post on Facebook on the Weekends from noon to 1 pm or between 3 pm to 4 pm on Wednesdays. You can also post on Facebook from 1 pm to 4 pm on Thursdays. Alternatively you can distribute your content on Facebook on Thursdays and Fridays from 1 pm to 4 pm.

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