While Kodak’s stock may have given way to the likes of Apple and Samsung over recent years, it’s not over for the camera giants just yet. While many people’s real camera is at home in a drawer or gathering dust on a shelf, if you solely rely on your smartphone for taking pictures then you’re missing a trick. Why? Because real cameras are still very much alive and kicking and here’s five reasons why you still need one:

  1. You Can Still Post Instantly to Social Media

If you love taking photos and sharing them with your friends instantly on social media, you can still do that with a real camera. Not only do most cameras now have built in WIFI to allow you to upload your pics instantly to Facebook and Twitter, but you’re guaranteed a high quality image that actually grabs people’s attention. No more blurry snaps straight from your phone’s camera; but a really beautiful picture to gain more followers on Instagram.

  1. Real Cameras Are Now Cheaper Than Ever

Forced to rethink their pricing structure to compete in the smartphone age, there are now many cheap cameras for sale that offer even more quality and cool features than ever before; check out the best bidding site to find awesome deals and rediscover the joy of taking photos again.

  1. They Take Better Pictures

While it’s true that there are some pretty good smartphone cameras, like the iPhone 6, or the Galaxy S7, they still fall short when compared to real cameras. They may be OK for everyday shots, but if you want to capture detail, or zoom into a shot from afar, you can forget it with your digital zoom. Only a real camera with a real lens that creates intense magnification can capture a faraway monkey hanging from a tree, a bird flying out of its nest, or a face in the crowd.

  1. Night Time Photos

All dressed up and looking great? Wouldn’t it be nice to have photos that reflect that? That don’t come out with red eye and blurriness? Then you need a real camera. Your smartphone camera simply doesn’t have enough pixels to cope with taking photos in the dark. Stop regretting that you didn’t make more of an effort to take great pictures at your prom / party / work event; get a real camera.

  1. Because They Make You Look Cool

You have to admit it. Real cameras have a romantic quality about them that is frankly, pretty cool. While everyone else is rushing for their iPhones, tablets and Galaxies, you’ll be looking like the boss with a real, classic piece of equipment that takes better photos than anyone else.

You can come across cheap cameras for sale on the best bidding site online right now and give your cell phone’s battery a break, while you enjoy the magic of photography once more.

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