Self-defence is the fundamental right of everyone so self-defence tools are counted today legal. When you talk about self-defensive instruments Taser gun, stun gun, pepper spray etc. comes first in mind. Taser gun is one of the safest tool to keep at your home or in your pocket when you are out of the house late at night.

There are many pros and cons of using Taser guns. Thus, before owning one, you should know how to keep this tool only for self-defence and not to harm others. There are many misconception regarding the usage of Taser guns.

With the fair debate you can break the myths about Taser guns.  

  • It is a myth that Taser guns are firm arms, the latest models of Taser guns have no gun powder. Intact the previous models of Taser guns were defined as firm arm because they were used by armies to defeat the enemies. The latest innovation of Taser guns are meant for self-defensive purpose so they consist of no gun powder. Taser gun reveals laser light or LED light which works as coercion rather than harming anyone.
  • It is a myth that keeping Taser gun is illegal. Previous models of firm arm which could harm intensively were prohibited by law. Those models were allowed to keep only by professional army men or policemen. The innovative models of firm arm are nothing more than a laser light attack. When you target someone to avoid violence this light can make one unconscious for a second. There are no serious wounds or blood caused by the attack of Taser gun. That’s the reason why Taser gun is legally allowed to keep for self-defence in the present time.
  • It’s a myth that Taser gun can cause serious wounds, in fact this is an electrical attack. Person feels a kind of nerves dawn or muscles pain for few seconds. He recovers from the electric attack at very early stage and he finds there is no fatal wound. It’s completely safe to misguide attacker or thief with electric shot. There is no serious harm which a shot gun can cause.
  • It’s a myth that Taser gun operating needs training, you just can go through manual instruction attached to the pack when you buy this gun. Always buy these guns from licensed shops and go through instructions carefully. Yes it’s true that operating Taser gun is easy even for children and thus you should be careful to keep this device out of your child’s reach. For elder persons it’s bearable to face the attack of Taser gun. So far children’s are concerned it can create serious wounds in their nerves, muscles or eyes.
  • It’s a myth that Taser gun couldn’t cause serious wounds, in some cases Taser guns caused serious injuries like blindness, paralysis and even death. This is the reason why after law allow it as self-defence tool still user should know its pros and cons.

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